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Setting You Up For Success!

Therapy Sessions

   As a former teacher,       I know how to efficiently deliver outcomes. Simple, reflective, effective.


I've been there with having a lot going on and feeling overwhelmed. Let me help you make a plan to reach your goals.





Organization is unique to each person. I am flexible and adjust to what works best for you.


Integrity is the foundation for my work. Let me help you with your move.

Community Classes

Sometimes we know what we have to do but don't have the motivation to do it. If this sounds like you, then this opportunity is for you!

Community Classes are a time to work on what you need to do in your home. I will be there to help if you get stuck or need ideas. Others will be there to share their ideas/experiences and show that you are not alone in this.


Once you register and pay, you will be sent a link. Login for an hour to get things done and begin building a weekly habit.


Mondays, 10-11am 

Tuesdays, 6-7pm

Fridays, 8-9am 





* Courses offered at senior centers

* Paper management

* Downsizing - long time frame

* Help for mobility challenged


* Minimize need to buy items

* Recycle more than just home recycling: 





* I drive a full EV vehicle.

* Adopted a Road:

clean up 6 times a year

Carrie was a pleasure to work with. I am so pleased with how my office looks with all the clutter gone. 

She was great with ideas to keep papers and notebooks organized in an efficient manner. 

I look forward to having her help me on other projects that need attention.


Carrie arrived in time, she's pleasant, and extremely helpful. I highly recommend her services.


I used Carrie-it-Away before I moved. She is fabulous!!

I am so happy to be unpacking with SO MUCH less paper and clutter. 

Carrie was patient and non-judgmental. 

What a great use of pandemic time!

Please treat yourself so you can enjoy your space as soon as possible. 


And of course, at the end of each session, she CARRIES IT all away — recycling, shred, and trash. 


Carrie was very helpful getting our disorganized closets into good working order.


I still cannot get over the transformation yesterday and you made it seem easy!!!  


Energized by your guidance, we looked over some remaining "should we recycle this?" items and said "yes." So 4 more bags of various items went to the thrift shop.  

BOTTOM LINE.  All is good and declared a universal success - Carrie - your declutter strategies work!!


Check out the write up about my February 2023 Timebank Social Event!

Silver Spring Timebank Member

Carrie is a life saver!!!


After moving into a a smaller space than we had before, my boyfriend and I were totally overwhelmed with the amount of stuff we had to unpack and organize. On top of that, my boyfriend has a really hard time getting rid of things (everything is sentimental to him), but we needed to downsize considerably to fit into our new space.


Carrie has been so kind, patient, and logical as we sort through our mountains of boxes. She has helped my boyfriend part with so many things we no longer have space for, and she's made sure they are donated so someone else can use them.


She has helped us strategize for how to make the best use of our smaller space, she's given us great organization tips, and her calming presence has made the process of unpacking so much easier.


We are so grateful to have found her and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for help unpacking, organizing, and/or decluttering their home!

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