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About Me

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napo-wdc volunteer of the year 2023
i got my covid vaccines

As a former high school teacher, I am skilled at planning, teaching, motivating, encouraging, accepting and adjusting.

I understand that we all learn and function differently. I work with who you are to liberate you from your clutter and disorganization.

Integrity (honesty, transparency, trust and discipline) is an important part of my work. 

I'm passionate about helping others reach their potential, learn about themselves and grow into positive experiences. In the past, I did this through teaching Spanish in DC, Howard County and Montgomery County. I am grateful for the opportunity to now share my skills in organization with the highly talented people in the DMV. 

Teaching taught me how to deal with constantly being overwhelmed and not having enough time to do all I needed to do. I look forward to sharing with you my strategies for overcoming this struggle and getting started. I understand that it's not easy and we all have our own journeys that move at their own pace. I hope you will allow me to accompany you on your path towards accomplishing your goals.

I believe in constant learning and growth. So in making my switch in careers, I joined the National Association of Productivity and Organization (NAPO). Their courses guided me as I transformed my side job since 2016 to a full time career. 

national association of productivity and organizing professionals
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