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About Carrie

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napo-wdc volunteer of the year 2023
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Carrie is the lucky owner of Carrie It Away LLC. She began dreaming of becoming a professional organizer in 2016 after watching a friend and fellow teacher work through the home of her recently deceased father. Carrie transformed her dream into reality in 2021. She's been organized her whole life and loves the freedom that it brings to her life. She wants you to experience that same feeling. 


Prior to starting Carrie It Away, she taught elementary and high school Spanish. Many of the skills learned in her teaching career transfer to decluttering and organizing: planning, teaching, motivating, encouraging, accepting and adjusting. Her moral compass is strong and integrity (honesty, transparency, trust and discipline) is key to all aspects of her work.

Carrie is passionate about helping others reach their potential, learn about themselves and grow into positive experiences. For many, decluttering is an overwhelming task that there is just not enough time to complete. She understands the struggle and walks alongside her clients in a nonjudgmental and calm manner. 

Carrie is a strong believer in education and growth. To that end, she joined the National Association of Productivity and Organization (NAPO). She has been the secretary of her local Washington DC area chapter since 2023.  

national association of productivity and organizing professionals
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